About Kunligi

What is Kunligi about, anyway?

Kunligi was created out of a desire to redefine what (and with whom) it means to socialize.

There are a few problems we are addressing:

  • It’s often difficult to meet new people with different backgrounds and perspectives.
  • When meeting a new person, it’s not always easy to get past the small talk and know what questions to ask, potentially resulting in a missed real connection.
  • The physical space/environment where most interactions happen is often overstimulating and distracting from the people in front of you. 

We’re here to change all 3 – because at the core, we all seek to kunligi with people: it’s an innate human desire.

This is what we're doing about it.

Our approach is to create a semi-structured, intimate event that aims to spark meaningful discussion among a diverse group of people. Beyond that, we are focused on continuously developing and growing our community online through Kunligi’s Slack group and organizing various other events.

We’re determined to break societal norms when it comes to what it means to connect with each other, and this is where we start.

Sounds great! How do I participate?

1. Sign up for an event

Check the event page for upcoming Kunligi events. If one works with your schedule, you can apply to participate. You can also join our Slack group, follow us on Instagram (@kunligi), or sign up with your email below to get notified of upcoming events.

2. Check your email for an invite

If there's still space, we will notify you via email and you'll be able to purchase a ticket. Otherwise, please join us another time!

3. Show up at the venue

Once you purchase a ticket, you're in! Just show up at the designated location and get ready for a unique and memorable experience. You can find more detailed information on the event page.